Tree Oh! is a musical collective creating music that takes re-enchantment with nature as a starting point. 

The 5th of June we launched the EP Our Urban Nature with lyrics by Andrew Simms. Listen to the EP Our Urban Nature at Spotify and other platforms, or email to order a CD.

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Sweet Dreams is an environmental cabaret group that portrays an absurd reality with theatre and music, blissfully blending of humour and seriousness of purpose, to inspire visions of a better world and action for change. 

Sweet Dreams started off in 2006 and since then the group has made more than 500 environmental performances and led workshops all over Sweden, in schools as well as workplaces, conferences and theatre halls. 

Humour as tool

Humour is Sweet Dream’s main tool in portraying today’s major environmental challenges.   Sweet Dreams wants to inspire action and leave everyone with a feeling that I can make a difference. 

Comes to you 

Sweet Dreams performs for high school youth in Tingsryd as well as environmental representatives Lund. They pop up at an environmental conference in Umeå and discuss theories of change with teachers in Mora.

Tailoring concepts 

Sweet Dreams lead workshops where drama is involved and personal stories reconnect. They act as facilitators and comperes, and tailor concepts according to your wishes. Lunch performance or inspiring day for colleagues – you choose! 

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